Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summoning and Blood Paint

I called a certain daemon that I've been working with on a project, and he seems to want me to share some things that I'd previously been keeping to myself - like the recipe for my blood paint.  Not that its some sooper-sekret special thing, but it's mine that I came up with myself and I'd intended to keep it that way.  But, I want to keep this relationship going strong, so I will do as he asked.

I make the paint by collecting menstrual blood first.  Fresh, and undiluted.  I then grind some myrrh to a fine powder and add it.  I make an opium tincture with Wild Lettuce (legal plant that contains small amounts of opium or something like that - not a scientist, I don't know the name of the chemical properties lol), and add a few droppers of the tincture to the mixture and let this sit for awhile.  Then add some vodka and red wine.  Once that's done, I wait for the poke berries to ripen and add poke berry juice.  Depending on what time of year this is started you may have to wait for quite some time (assuming you live in a part of the country where poke berries grow) but I feel its important to use wild ones, naturally harvested on your own.  The myrrh powder thickens this to a paint, or less can be put in to keep it at an ink consistancy. I don't measure any of these ingredients, I put in what feels right, and adjust the myrrh powder to get the consistancy I need, be it paint or ink.  For sigils such as below, I use a blackthorn to apply.  The lines are imprecise, but precision isn't the point.

Thats all I've got to say on that, it is done.  I've shared, as requested from the other side.

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