Monday, October 29, 2012

St. Expedite

Although I am not a christian or a practicioner who subscribes to any Judeo Christian beliefs, I do venerate and call upon some Saints, both Catholic and Folk.  One of the reasons is because these saints were people, just like you and me.  They are people who now reside in the spirit world and have had (in most cases) massive amounts of human attention and energy directed toward them through veneration and prayers.  This seems to have kept many of them interested and active in human affairs long past the time that most spirits seem to move on.

St. Expedite is not recognized by the Catholic church, in fact there have been campaigns by bishops to stop the 'cult' following of St. Expedite.  By most accounts he was a Roman Soldier who converted to Christianity and was martyred.  He is known for accomplishing what's needed quickly. 

Generally when calling upon St. Expedite I've used Starr Casas' method for petitioning him, which is wonderful.  I've added additional things, such as prayer beads from Turkey (rumored to be the place of St. Expedite's death), military medals, etc. that St. Expedite likes. 

I'm posting this in honor of the wonderful St. Expedite, and to encourage anyone who needs a good and quick solution to call on this amazing Saint!