Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jar of Sweetness

Folk magic is something I grew up with, although it wasn't labeled as such.  It wasn't until years later after I'd left home and was attempting to find magic through foreign constructs that my studies began to show me that the magic had been in and around me all my life.  The talismans, manifestations, and crafting that I'd taken for granted as something that we just do in my family were suddenly seen in a new light.

On that note, I have folk magic on my mind today.  Mainly because I realized that I accidentally left behind a honey jar in the house I spent some time in recently.  It was crafted on the fly when a situation came up that I needed to sweeten.  I took a small glass jar with a glass lid and filled it with sugar cubes because I had no honey available.  I wrote out my petition paper crossing it 9 times and then stuck it in the jar and added water to the cubes so that the sugar would melt and the petition would be literally saturated with sweetness.  I added some coins for a rich and sweet outcome and charged my jar.  Everything went nicely so the jar was finished, but I had not dismantled it yet and now I realize it was left sitting on a shelf in the closet... lol  I wonder who'll find it, if they'll know what it is or get curious about it.  The petition paper was unreadable before I put it in because the writing was crossed so many times, and now after sitting in the water for a few weeks I'm sure it's completely illegible.  The jar was pretty well deactivated, but still gave off a sweet/friendly vibe.  Makes me smile sitting here now to think of someone finding it. :)

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